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Krystal Miszewski





Graphics & Design

Meet Kevin Kempf

New Orleans, LA

Kevin "Professa" Kempf embarked on his artistic journey in 2004, but his love for art had been ingrained in him since childhood. His early artistic endeavors spanned various mediums, from pen and charcoal to acrylics. However, during his college years, he made a pivotal transition into the world of computer graphics. After graduating at the top of his class in Graphic Design, Kevin's attention to detail became a defining trait that would set him apart in the graphics industry.

Kevin's commitment to perfection and unique design sensibilities quickly propelled him and his company, PG NOLA™, into the industry's limelight. His innovative approach and the thoughtfulness behind his creations have led to many remarkable accomplishments. Notable among these are his wraps on one of only six cover car box designs for Knifeless Tape, numerous magazine covers and featured articles, and top design awards. In recognition of his outstanding contributions, he was crowned "King of the Wrap World" and received a prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award in 2021 from his industry peers.

Kevin's expertise is further underscored by his extensive certifications from nearly every manufacturer, keeping PG NOLA™ continuously engaged in commercial and fleet work color change vehicle wrap installs. His true specialty, however, is crafting custom-designed and multi-layered wrap installations that are nothing short of artistry.

Beyond his professional achievements, Kevin's dedication to the industry is evident through his roles as a founding member and long-time board member of Paint is Dead and his continued active involvement with Masters of Branding. With nearly two decades of experience, Kevin believes that his wealth of knowledge and passion will significantly benefit anyone attending his classes, contributing to the growth and advancement of the industry. 

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Meet Krystal Miszewski

Candy Wraps
Sanford, FL (Orlando)

Krystal Miszewski is a professional vinyl graphics installer who has partnered with ORAFOL® to bring her techniques directly to those passionate about installing. After spending nearly a decade as a freelance installer in over 150 shops across the world, Krystal recognizes the vital connection between shops and installers requiring clear communication, understanding and an overall passion for what we do in this industry. She recently represented the United States with several other well-known vehicle wrap installers in the Nations Wrap Cup in Dusseldorf, Germany where they finished in 2nd place out of 16 teams! Krystal has been featured in print and broadcast outlets, as well as several industry certifications. As owner of Candy Wraps, she takes commercial installs to the next level using industry leading techniques for time efficiency and longevity of product.

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Meet Marcos Pereira

Wrap Specialties
Woodbridge, NJ

Marcos Pereira brings over a decade of wrap and vinyl application experience, and nearly every manufacturer certification that exists to his ORAFOL® + KPMF® professional training classes. Working daily within his own company, on commercial, and custom projects, Marcos applies a very real world approach to training, not only sharing what you need to know about installations, but what customers are looking for in your shop, and the services you offer. Additionally a founding member and current board member, of Paint is Dead, an active member of Masters of Branding, and ORAFOL® + KPMF®’s professional training classes, Marcos is excited to bring his experience to wrap training classes across the Americas. Knowledge, experience, and a practical approach to learning, all wrapped up in a class built for the most qualified installers in the industry!

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Meet Dan Bulat

Element Graphics & Design
Mokena, IL (Chicago)

Dan Bulat started in the graphic business 27 years ago as a one-man business. After graduating from college with a BA in Graphic Design and Business, he decided to turn his two passions into a business, combining graphic design and vehicles. From the very beginning, the majority of work coming in was for signs and banners. However, that did not stop Dan from continuing to pursue the vehicle market. He tirelessly taught himself to install lettering and graphics on vehicles. Working toward his main goal of opening his own shop, Dan moved his business out of his house, purchased a brand-new building and continued building what has now become Element Graphics and Design, Inc., a very successful Graphic shop, specializing in Fleet vehicles. Dan and his staff of installers hold several industry certifications. In 2015 Dan started a wrap tool company called Magstrapz. He is the creator of the Magstrapz, Magbandz and MagGripz wrapping tools. Dan saw a need for these products in his own shop and felt that the industry would benefit from them as well. Today Magstrapz brand are being sold to wrappers worldwide. Dan’s passion for the industry brought him to become involved with ORAFOL® and all aspects related to growing and educating the wrapping industry.

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