Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the event cost?

That depends on which course you select.

$925 USD
standard price for the Beginner to Intermediate course - option #1 - 2 days 

$1,175 USD
standard price for the Advanced "Get Certified" course - option #2 - 3 days 

An Early-bird discount of $50 USD OFF is available for those who register 

How many people can attend each event?

That depends on the venue, but generally, we limit our courses between 12 - 14 registrants. 

How long is the training?

Our courses run from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm each day. 

The Beginner to Intermediate course consists of 2 days of wrap training.
The Advanced "Get Certified" course is 3 days in total, with 2 days of testing.

We break for lunch and provide tasty snacks and drinks to keep your hunger and thirst at bay.

What if I can't decide which course to register for?

Deciding on which course to register for can be challenging, but ultimately it depends on your experience level.

If you're new to the vinyl industry, have limited training, and want to get more familiar with or expand your wrap knowledge, the Beginner to Intermediate is the course to register for.

If you've been wrapping vehicles for years and want to tout about being ORAFOL + KPMF certified, then the Advanced - "Get Certified" is the course for you!

Do you provide food and drink?

Yes, lunch and snacks are provided by ORAFOL® and KPMF.

Should I bring tools?

If you're taking the Beginner to Intermediate course, NO tools are not needed. We provide all the necessary tools for training.

If you're taking the Get Certified! - Advanced course, YES please bring your tools! We want you to be as comfortable as possible when testing for your certification, so please bring the tools that you use on a daily basis.